Producer & Director

My name is Markus and I am a 26 years old film maker and entrepreneur from Germany. I was born and raised in Cologne and since I was a child I was interested in working creative and followed my passion for about 16 years now.


At first after finishing high school, I decided to study law, because in my opportunity it was the best possibility to give the world a positive impact myself. Although with the ongoing terms I became uncertain about my decision and so I quit after the first possible graduation. After that came a period of planning my future. I did two internships in design agencies and working for the “Conference Of Youth 13”.

Then I decided to study “communication design” at the “University Of Applied Science” in Aachen.


At the beginning of this study I was more interested in UI/ UX design and took a film course out of pure curiosity. But I quickly noticed that I had a lot of passion for this topic. That's why I focused my study on film and now have been working enthusiastically as a director and producer for around four semesters.




About Me